Saturday, May 19, 2012

How To Get someone To Stop Snoring

How to get someone to stop snoring
Let's imagine, your sleeping partner is having a noisy snoring. Of course, you will be disturbed and unable to sleep. Pretty much sure that your sleeping partner doesn't want to have the snoring condition. So, how to get someone stop snoring?
Snoring is occurred when you have a floppy tissue on the throat which is causing it to vibrate often.  In order to get someone stop snoring, first of all we should identify the cause of snoring
  • Nasal and sinusitis problem. Some people have the sinusitis issue that eventually block their airway and make them snore. Snoring is alike of the narrowing down of the breathing vessel. Therefore, for the case of snoring caused by the nasal and sinusitis problem, be sure the blockade of the airway is eliminated. To get someone stop snoring ask them to use nasal spray before sleeping. 
  • Overweight; tissue with fat deposit and lazy tone muscle will lead to snoring problem. So, to get someone stop snoring, if he or she is having obesity issue, balanced diet and exercises are the answer.
  • Alcohols, smoking; alcohols and smoking are believed to relief the muscle relaxation and it will eventually lead to snoring. To get someone stop snoring with the alcohol and smoking issue of course by ask them to stop drinking excessive alcohol and stop smoking.
  • Sleeping style; some researches shown that sleep on the back will lead to snore than sleep on the side. Since sleep on the block will support the blockade of airway and breathing. 
Therefore, to get someone stop snoring, sleep on the side is better.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Treatment For Sleep Apnea In Adults

Treatment for sleep apnea in adults
The treatment for sleep apnea in adults and children are quite the same. Although the treatments for sleep apnea in adults are having more options since the doctors could measure the adult's need of sleep apnea treatment easily. 

The adult's treatment in sleep apnea cases could be divided from the use of devices or machine to the non device treatment or therapeutic treatment. 

For the usage of machine or device, the adult's treatment for sleep apnea will be the use of CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device and mouthpiece devices as prescribed by the dentist. Also, another way of treatment for sleep apnea in adults is by the use of chinstrap. 

The most radical way of treatment for sleep apnea in adults is surgery. Though most research didn't suggest surgery to correct the breathing problem on the sleep apnea cases in adult, still, this kind of surgery is done. 

For the therapeutic treatment for adult with sleep apnea, some researches had shown the use of mirtazapine to cure the sleep apnea. Some pharmaceutical companies have been producing drugs containing mirtazapine for people with sleep disorder. 

For adult's treatment of sleep apnea, balanced diet and regular exercises should be considered. Some adults are having sleep apnea since they are having obesity issue. Therefore, balanced diet and regular exercise are options treatment for sleep apnea in adults.